LoveTik for Android

Please install the LoveTik application on Android devices to download TikTok videos without logo more easily.

TikTok Story video download tool without logo or watermark

TikTok Story is a unique feature that allows Tik Tok users to share images, videos, sounds, and these contents are combined together to form a complete Story on TikTok. However, the Story link only lasts for 24 hours, all Story content such as Photos, Videos, Audio will be automatically deleted when the Story expires. So how to save TikTok Story to the device?

You can save TikTok Story to your device to review at any time without expiring. To save TikTok story you can use the LoveTik tool, this tool allows you to download photos, videos and audio from TikTok Story no watermark, logo.

How to download Story TikTok video without watermark?

  • First, open TikTok app and copy link of Story you want to download.
  • Open the LoveTik.App software using a web browser, paste link into input box and press Download button.
  • After pressing Download button, LoveTik software will start extracting all photos and videos of Story.
  • Once you're done, you can save your Story's photos or videos to your device.

How to download TikTok Story as video without watermark?

Story TikTok download feature has been integrated into LoveTik software, this tool will help you easily download Story TikTok photos and videos easily. In particular, LoveTik gives you two options: download photos and videos individually or merge them all into one complete video (All downloaded videos will not have logo or watermark).

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I save TikTok Story on iPhone?

Sure. Open the LoveTik.App tool using the Safari browser and follow the instructions to download TikTok Story to your device. In addition to iPhone, LoveTik can also work well on any device from PC to phone.

Does LoveTik.App store or keep copies of downloaded videos?

No. LoveTik does not store nor keep copies of downloaded videos. All data is stored on TikTok's servers.

Does LoveTik support photo or video editing?

No. LoveTik.App is a TikTok downloader, this tool only supports download TikTok photos and videos, does not support photo or video editing.