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Please install the LoveTik application on Android devices to download TikTok videos without logo more easily.

LoveTik App - Download TikTok Slideshow as video without watermark or logo

TikTok Slideshow is a feature that allows users to post photos with sound to create a complete Slideshow. However, they are not a video but just a combination of images and sounds. So is there any way to download TikTok Slideshow to video?

With LoveTik tool, this is simple and fast. LoveTik allows you to download TikTok Slideshow to video (mp4) without logo or watermark. Additionally, you can also download individual photo from the TikTok Slideshow to your device in HD quality.

How to download TikTok Slideshow as video without watermark?

  • Open Slideshow on TikTok and copy its link.
  • Open the Download TikTok Slide feature on LoveTik, paste the Slideshow link into the search box and press the Download button.
  • Wait for LoveTik to extract Slideshow images and audio from TikTok.
  • Once completed, all images and sound in the Slideshow will appear.

How to convert TikTok Slideshow to video?

Slideshow on TikTok is not a video, they are just images combined with TikTok effects. If you want to download Slideshow videos on TikTok, you can use the LoveTik.App tool, which will convert TikTok Slideshows to videos with sounds and effects similar to those seen on TikTok.

In particular, you can use LoveTik to save TikTok Slideshow as a video on iPhone or Android without installing any software or extensions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to download photos from TikTok Slideshow?

LoveTik.App allows you to download photos from TikTok Slideshow or convert images in Tik Tok Slideshow to video (mp4) without logo or watermark.

Is download Slideshow video on TikTok free?

You can use the LoveTik tool to save and download TikTok Slides as video for free. In addition, all other features of LoveTik are also completely free.

Can I download Slideshow videos directly on TikTok?

No. Slide's content is combined from many images and sounds. It is not a video so it cannot be downloaded directly on the TikTok application. When using LoveTik, this tool will convert photos and sounds in Slideshow into a complete video for you.