Tool to download videos from TikTok & Douyin no watermark

How to download videos on TikTok? How to remove TikTok video logo or watermark? These are questions that many TikTok users are interested in, and if you also learn about this issue, you probably don't know about the LoveTik tool.

LoveTik.App is a great solution for TikTok users, this tool allows you to download videos from TikTok and Douyin without logo, watermark, watermerk directly from the web browser without need to install software. Save and download TikTok videos to phone or computer in Full HD 1080p.

All you need is a link to a TikTok or Douyin video and paste it into the input field on LoveTik. This tool will extract the video from the link you provide, then remove the logo or watermark in the video. All downloaded videos have no logo or watermark.


Tool to download Douyin & TikTok videos online

Why should you use LoveTik tool?

  • Supports download TikTok and Douyin video (Chinese TikTok).
  • All in one (Supports download Video, Photo, Slide, Story and Music).
  • Download TikTok videos on Web without installing software.
  • Automatically detect and remove TikTok logo or watermark and UserID in video.
  • Does not collect any of your information. Download TikTok videos completely anonymously.

How to use the LoveTik tool?

The LoveTik tool is fully developed by us in both Web and App versions. Please choose the version suitable for your device to download TikTok and Douyin videos most easily and quickly.

  • LoveTik for Android: Priority should be given to installing the LoveTik application on Android devices (Operates much smoother and faster).
  • LoveTik.App: Version that works on web browsers (Compatible with all platforms and devices such as Mac, Pc, iPhone, iPad, ..etc.).

All LoveTik features are free. So, if you find the tool useful, please support us by sharing LoveTik with your friends and relatives. Thank you!

While using LoveTik, if you encounter any problems or suggestions about the product. Please contact us for support: [email protected]